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You vs Desires?

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

What, porn just gives me ideas!

Porn in a relationships needs to be established early

You ever catch your man watching #porn? Finding yourself comparing your sexual abilities to his desires? Meanwhile you almost killed yourself trying to do a move your just not flexible enough to do.

Well listen, you are never going to keep up with professional actors who make a living off being told what to do. Stop beating yourself up to upkeep with our wild fantasies. Now granted you can create exciting moments for us when you switch things up. But if you’re not communicating and establishing that's not your lane or want it to be. Don't be mad when he assumes you ok with it or does it behind your back.

Keep in mind there might be underlying ideas and desires that maybe needs some attention, but communication will create new and set boundaries to help you and him keep a strong relationship. We love thrills and wild fantasies, but we also have maturity gaps compared to woman and can't help the thought of things we can’t have. It’s going to happen if not already did. Learn your dominance in your relationship is in proportion to your effort. A woman keeps us engaged when she shows empathy and understanding. We love to feel appreciated and wanted, not embarrassed for being us!

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