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If he seems useless, he doesn't have enough vision!

Sometimes going to work (if he has a job) and being a significant other is just not enough, when it comes to life for men. Being challenged helps put things in perspective, which will allow us to make good or bad decisions. These decisions allow us to learn and grow from any lessons given with those challenges which in turns adds to our maturity. Our natural make up can contribute to building or destroying depending on influences but we need "vision"

The best thing a woman can do for her man, is to be inline or understand his ideas or goals. Sometimes not feeding into that, will create a anomosity even resentment toward you without you even knowing. Granted not all men communicate well, but the basics of partnership is to explore each others desires and goals to find the best ways to support each other.

This topic also leads to the form of destruction for men because idle time or no vision leads to irresponsible curiosity. Which we all know can lead to the wrong things. The best thing you can do is have conversations with him and grasps some of his idea's and encourage him to achieve them of course if it's positive for him which in turn will benefit you as his partner. Don't be so quick to shoot it down, if anything learn the driving roots of it dumb idea or not. Some ideas wont make sense but if the root of the idea is driven from supporting or even helping you out, you can't knock that! The more communication you have in this area the more your influence can help guide and encourage him to move in the right direction.



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