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Why my man just doesn't seem to stay focused on me?

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

The moment you stop establishing your value to us, is the exact moment we can be influenced by the next woman to gain our attention. Unfortunately, some of us need a little more stability then others in that area. Take time to focus on the things that we are interested in if you ever feel your losing grasp. Relationships are a forever growing evolution into future longevity.

If you stop watering a plant how can you expect the plant to keep growing?

Especially if a certified thot is next door with a bucket of water in booty shorts!

Men can be weak in areas you may be strong in. It’s your responsibility if you truly care or love him to be his partner in his development becoming a man tailor made for you. Yes, it’s your responsibility, stop banking on the idea >>insert name here<< blueprint was given to him at birth.

Grooming is key in establishing value he won’t find anywhere else.

Own your shit!

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