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Dating Advice From A Guys Perspective

Impossible to Understand?
Ask A Guy Friend
Is He Cheating?
Doesn't Have Common Sense?
Ask A Guy Friend
Ask A Guy Friend

Men with real life experience

Ask A Guy Friend

All we do is have sex

are we really going to get married?


Here to give you direct and uncut advice. 


Family and friends don't always need to know your business


We give you the inside scoop inside a mans head


When you need it the most



I caught him cheating again

but its hard for me

to leave him, will he ever stop?

Gain The Edge

Finally make clear decisions with out the confusion. 


We tell it like it is, without sugar coating the truth


No more biased guys who secretly want you


Judgement by your girlfriends 




Ask A Guy Friend

Do You Need Advice?

Are you looking for fast honest advice and need it in a timely fashion? 

We provide direct, uncut advice when you need it the most. 

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