ASK A GUYFRIEND is an anonymous group of experienced men that will give you the hardcore truth about dating, sex, and relationships!


The truth is, men are wired differently than women. But luckily for you, we are here to bridge the gap of perspective.

We will help by removing the embarrassment of friends and family knowing your which causes embarrassment.

Your personal life sometimes needs an unbiased guys point of view.

One GUYFRIEND will be selected to answer your question based on his experience in relationship to your situation.

Our GUYFRIENDS have done and seen it ALL!

They are well versed in areas like:
• Cheating
• Faithfulness
• Honesty
• Lying
• Marriage
• Divorce
• Selfishness
• Pride
• Insecurity
• Sex
• Sexuality
• Insecurity
• Jealousy

Basically…any relationship area that comes to your mind, our GUYFRIENDS can guide you through it all from a guys perspective!